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How much can LED energy-saving lamps save?

How much can LED energy-saving lamps save?

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(Summary description)As a revolutionary environmentally-friendly and energy-saving lamp, LED energy-saving lamps have changed the pollution problem of heavy metal toxins in the past, and the service life is longer.

How much can LED energy-saving lamps save?

(Summary description)As a revolutionary environmentally-friendly and energy-saving lamp, LED energy-saving lamps have changed the pollution problem of heavy metal toxins in the past, and the service life is longer.

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  • Time of issue:2019-05-31 09:00
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As a revolutionary environmentally-friendly and energy-saving lamp, LED energy-saving lamps have changed the pollution problem of heavy metal toxins in the past, and the service life is longer. It has become the next-generation mainstream lighting products, but due to the high price, few people are currently interested.
We can see that at the same power, that is, when the wattage is the same, the energy-saving lamps are brighter than the ordinary energy-saving lamps. In theory, the life of an ordinary energy-saving lamp is about 5,000 hours, while the life of an indoor LED lamp can reach 50,000 hours. In theory, it can last up to 27 years with 5 hours of electricity per day.
Under the premise of normal wear and illuminating effects, a common energy-saving straight tube fluorescent lamp (15W) and an LED lamp (9W) equivalent to its illuminating effect can be selected for comparison. At present, the price of an ordinary energy-saving lamp is about 50 yuan, and the price of an LED lamp is 200 yuan. Calculated with 50,000 hours of working time and Harbin residents' electricity (0.51 yuan / kWh), the electricity cost of ordinary energy-saving lamps is 382.5 yuan, that is (15 watts × 50,000 hours) / 1000 × 0.51 yuan = 382.5; It is 229.5 yuan, that is (9 watts × 50,000 hours) / 1000 × 0.51 yuan = 229.5. However, under the test of 50,000 hours, the ordinary energy-saving lamps need to replace 10 lamps. Assume that a 50-yuan ordinary energy-saving lamp includes a lighting fee of 25 yuan and a lamp cost of 25 yuan, then the cost of igniting 50,000 hours is 275 yuan (25 yuan × 10 tubes + 25 yuan = 275); and 50,000 hours of ignition The LED light only needs 1 盏 and costs about 200 yuan. After igniting 50,000 hours at the same time, the common energy-saving lamps cost a total of 657.5 yuan, and the LED lights are 429.5 yuan. From this point of view, a LED lamp will save 228 yuan than the ordinary energy-saving lamp. The total cost of each room will be doubled.
These data tell us that the performance of LED energy-saving lamps is superior. But hindering the product from being truly introduced to the market, in addition to the price, there are several major factors:
1. Low market awareness
Many lighting dealers are not very clear about this. They are used to the products they are familiar with, and they are retiring expensive new products, which are afraid of taking risks.
At the same time, manufacturers and the media have limited education on LED energy-saving lamps, which causes consumers to exclude LED energy-saving lamps from the list when they choose energy-saving lamps.
2. Lack of trusted professional brands
There are not many professional lighting brands in China, and there are fewer professional energy-saving lamps. In addition to brands such as NVC Lighting, other lighting companies have problems in brand promotion and store construction, such as late start-up and single operation methods, resulting in high-end products. A large part was taken up by Osram and Philips.
3. The relevant government departments are not paying enough attention
Since many energy-saving lamp enterprises are still mainly based on foreign trade, the public relations and promotion work of relevant government departments have not been done enough, which led to the government departments not taking LED energy-saving lamps into consideration when introducing relevant energy-saving emission reduction and government procurement orders.
4, energy-saving lamps companies each fight, lack of long-term strategy
Many energy-saving lamps companies are currently at the level of order processing. There are obvious shortcomings in R&D design, sales team formation management, brand promotion, operation management, and channel construction. In particular, some enterprises lack clear goals and positioning, along with the industry. Ebb and flow, lack of initiative in the future market competition, and the possibility of being eliminated at any time.
As the only professional organization engaged in the promotion of green environmental protection products in China, Jinfa Consulting believes that LED energy-saving lamps will become mainstream energy-saving and environmentally friendly products from the edge of high-end products, which takes 3-5 years. Energy-saving lamps companies with certain strength and foundation must seize this opportunity to achieve leap-forward development through revolutionary products, and must solve the following major problems:
1. Establish a vivid and contagious promotion system
Introduction LED energy-saving lamps can not only spread through the form of advertising and packaging, terminals, etc., but also increase the attention and awareness of potential consumers through event marketing, public welfare activities, and online marketing. Energy-saving lamps are low-profile products that consumers don't care about, but once they have demand, or if demand is stimulated, they will generate purchase intentions and purchase behavior.
At present, the world is still under the shadow of the financial crisis. The Chinese economy is facing the edge of high inflation. All kinds of agricultural products, production materials and daily necessities will face the possibility of price increases. From the perspective of more economical lifestyle, LED energy conservation The promotion of lamps is not only to promote energy conservation, but also to promote a rational consumption, scientific and financial management lifestyle, and to link low-profile products with high-profile people's livelihood, income, financial management, and effective dissemination. This requires a series of designs and plans.
At the same time, it can cooperate with relevant environmental protection organizations, such as Greenpeace, Global Village, and the Foundation to launch a public welfare environmental protection activity, promote the concept and performance of LED energy-saving lamps, and launch a new wave of lighting replacement.
In particular, the network is fully utilized to build its own brand and influence. Some energy-saving lamps companies have sent relevant information to our company, and found that the widespread description is not clear enough, and the phenomenon of selling products on products cannot be compared with online life and Network group attention is linked. The problem is that the communication efficiency is not high and the sales are not open.
2, to solve the price of expensive factors
LED energy-saving lamps are expensive and expensive. It is necessary for manufacturers to vividly explain marketing tools, shopping guides and product descriptions. Especially for families with children and the elderly, it must be stated that traditional energy-saving lamps contain mercury. Waiting for heavy metals, in the event of damage to the body and mind of the family, and the fact that an energy-saving lamp of 0.5 mg of mercury can cause at least 180 tons of water to be contaminated.
Let consumers understand that saving money is a means, caring for family and the environment is the purpose, it is worthwhile to spend a little more money.
At the same time, it can cooperate with relevant financial departments. For example, Industrial Bank of Fujian is the first low-carbon bank to sign the Equator Agreement. Through financial means, such as interest-free installment payment mode, it can eliminate the psychological barriers of consumers' purchase and enjoy high in advance. Quality, healthy and environmentally friendly life.
3. Promote government legislation and introduce relevant policies
Through peripheral development and government public relations, the company promotes the government, especially the energy-saving and emission reduction offices and energy-saving and emission reduction centers in various places, and recommends LED energy-saving lamps as key products, and is included in the government procurement list, while giving certain subsidies to promote energy-saving lamps. Market update,
At present, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Interim Measures for the Administration of Financial Subsidy Funds for Efficient Lighting Products Promotion, which means that the people can save money and save money. According to the "Measures", the state adopts a unified bidding method to determine the high-efficiency lighting product promotion enterprises and the agreement supply price, and the financial subsidy funds are replenished to the winning bidders, and then the bid-winning enterprises sell the products to the terminal at the price after the bidding agreement minus the financial subsidy funds. Users, the ultimate beneficiaries are large users and urban and rural residents. The "Measures" stipulate that for each high-efficiency lighting product of large users, the central government will subsidize 30% of the supply price of the winning bid agreement; urban and rural residents will be subsidized by 50%. The industry believes that this move demonstrates the country's determination to save energy and reduce emissions.

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